Monday, 30 April 2012

Matthew's Birthday Part 2

On Sunday 22nd April Matthew was 2. I cant believe how fast he is growing up. He wants to do so many things that adults do. His speech and understanding astounds me every day. He is changing so much. We are so lucky. He is such a happy boy. Being a mummmy can be hard work sometimes, I stuggle sometimes when I havent had much sleep and Im always worrying about doing the right thing, but this little chap has changed my life and Simon and I love him so much. Im looking forward to spending many happy years with him and doing so many exciting things.

On his birthday we spent the morning at home opening his presents from Simon and I. Then Simon took him to his swimming lesson. After his afternoon nap we went to our friends whose little girl Eva was born on the same day as Matthew. We are very lucky to have them as friends. Dan and Simon went to school together, Helen and I have become good friends and love nothing better than a cuppa together and a good chat and Matthew loves their two older boys Ben and Josh. I hope Eva and Matthew will be good friends.

Here are some photos of the day.

Wooden train set from Mummy and Daddy

Birthday breakfast

Quick photo shoot in the garden

Birthday cake
Eva does a great job of blowing out her candles!

More presents!

The birthday boy and girl! Smile!!!

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  1. I know I'm biased but he truly is the sweetiest little boy, he's adorable. Happy birthday little man xxx