Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10 things on the 10th - Matthew right now!

Ten things about Matthew right now

1) He loves Fireman Sam. This obsession has been going on for sometime now. He can't tell you the name of our cat but can name the main characters in Fireman Sam. I'm taking him to see Fireman Sam at our local Toys R Us on Friday.

2) He loves the Lion King. He hasn't actually watched it all the way through - but he has seen it a couple of times. We also have a book which at bedtime he likes to read to his soft toys. Bless!

3) He is talking loads. He has a pretty good vocabulary but is now saying lots of mini sentences. At the Easter Egg hunt on Sunday he was saying Egg - where r u? Today he was saying 'very hot'. These are just two examples of his developing language skills.

4) He is obsessed with jigsaws. Loves them. He  quite an active boy but this is something he will do quietly and concentrate on. We have a few that are for three year olds and he does them easily.

5) White tiger is one of his favourite cuddly toys and he loves to change his nappy!

6) He loves going in the garden and asks to go out every time someone puts their shoes on. He has a tunnel and a tent and lots of balls. He has mini golf clubs, a rugby ball, footballs etc. A sportsman's son!

7) He is getting very independent on the stairs. We are still very cautious as our stairs have a bend in them and they are quite steep but he can pretty much do it on his own.

8) Favourite foods are pasta, mango, grapes, chocolate mousse, fish fingers, tinned baby carrots,  cheese, ham, toast (if you ask him what he wants to eat he usually says cheese/ham/toast), and of course he loves chocolate and cake.

9) Favourite songs are Baa Baa Black Sheep and the Animals went in Two by Two ( and the theme tune to Fireman Sam)

10) I'm really pleased with his developing manners. He has said please for a while now ( useful skill when you want something), but now he says Thank you, says pardon when he burps and in the last week or so has been making the sign for sorry.

And in 12 days time he will be 2 - where does the time go?

Here is a cute picture from Easter Sunday:


  1. Aww..sweeet little boy of yours Lorna. That is a lovely way to document his life right now. TFS. ~Glen~

  2. He looks a real sweetie and he is developing his communication skills well

  3. Aw what a cutie pie and what a great idea for yyour ten on the tenth. I have a 3 year old who loves fireman sam as well, loves to play out in the garden and eats fish fingers too :) x

    1. Hi
      I didnt realise that you had posted on my blog and I have been reading yours today

  4. Very cute chap love the ears :)

  5. He is so sweet! I can't believe he can do all those things and he is not yet two ... A talented young man.

  6. Aw that is an adorable photo! He's such a cutie - and talented too! It's amazing how quickly they grow and develop... my DD1 turned 3 last week (how did that happen?!!) and is a little chatterbox! :lol:


  7. Awww he looks real cute in those ears.

    A lovely 10 on the 10th.