Thursday, 10 January 2013

10 on the 10th - Project Life

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year

Its hard to balance everything. I am busy part time teacher and full time Mummy to Matthew. I often work at home in the evenings or at weekends.  I love to read - books and magazines. I like to take photos. Just organising and uploading those can take time. I try and bake more and enjoy looking at new recipes and ideas for family meals. I like to swim. I like to chill out and watch tv . I love love love to to scrapbook. I like to read blogs and stay on top of new scrapbooking products. And to be honest there are just not enough hours in the day unless I give up sleep - and to be honest I like that to!

And so sometimes my blog suffers and for the last three months it has taken a back seat to a number of things such as processing 48 university applications for my sixth form students, preparing for Christmas, learning how to use my new iphone and ipad and the other things that keep up busy in life.

But Im back ( for now anyway!)

This year I am going to have a go at Project Life. Project life is scrapbooking with a difference. I take a lot of snapshots, especially now I have my iphone. Just snaps of Matthew. I am also aware that whilst I have a lot of scrapbook pages for Matthew to look back on I dont always record the little details of life. So I am going to do Project Life in 2013. It means I can include little photos that dont deserve a while layout but tell me about life at that moment. It will be a place for tickets and receipts of things we may have done. It is a place to try and get other people to record our life - especially my husband. It wont be all photos and I will try and include more journalling.

Ive made a start and here is my front page. ( photo to follow)

So what is my 10 on the 10th - well it is 10 things that I should include in project life - but little things that I dont always record in my scrapbooks.

1. Books - what I am reading or Matthew is enjoying
2. TV and Films from that week
3. Funny things Matthew says
4. A text or email message from a friend
5. Cards and Invitations
6. Journalling by my husband
7. Receipts and tickets
8. Food we eat or new recipes tried.
9. Matthews favourite toy that week
10. Little achievements/events - such as last night we booked a weekend away at Centre Parcs

So all you fellow scrapbookers out there - any tips and ideas. As a newbie Im really keen for ideas.

Ill update here with pages.