Sunday, 23 October 2011

a little chatterbox

I really felt the need to post today. My little Matthew is making me so proud. He hasnt really been himself the last 10 days or so. On the whole he has been fine, but he hasnt been eating quite as well and has seemed tired so I think he is teething or had little bug or sore throat.

But this weekend he has been so happy and he has been saying so many new words. He sometimes copies what we say or sometimes it is just out of the blue. Some of these words are common words such as milk or  tea , so because we say them on a daily basis I guess it was only a matter of time before he said them, but some of the words are quite difficult or he doesnt hear them everyday so we are just mega impressed with him.

In last couple of days we have heard him say ( all for the first time) - milk, apple, grandad, gran, nanny, Lyndsey (his auntie - this is the one we were most impressed with), frog , elephant, chicken,  tea, ear. Not a bad list - im sure there is lots more to come.

Yesterday he was 18 months old. Not a baby anymore!

Here is a recent picture taken on Monday at Wisley.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A very productive scrapbooking day

Yesterday I went to the Cheam Crop. Something I try to do every month. I really love my day with these talented ladies. There is lots of gossiping and eating and shopping ( the hall is conveniently located by Sainsburys and Starbucks) , but there is also lots of crafting, mostly scrapbooking but some ladies knit, quilt, crochet and all kinds of impressive talents.

Over the years we have all become good friends. Some of our friends were missing yesterday due to family losses and it is a very sad time. I hope that our friendship, our hobby and our camaradie will be a help to them when they are ready to return. They were missed yesterday and very much in our thoughts.

I must say I had a very productive day ( nothing to do with my good buddy Sandra being in the USA!). I completed 6 layouts and then did a double in the evening while watching X- factor ( I love it - but by scrapping at the same time I feel like im not completely wasting my time). Here are my layouts:
A lovely photo of my cousin Liz. She and her mum had a photo shoot. I have enjoyed scrapping the photos. I love purple and bought this Glitz collection especially for this photo.

Matthew on holiday in Somerset. Used Basic Grey Out of Print - which I love. Based on a layout by Ginger Williams in Oct 2011 Scrapbook Trends

Matthew and I at Wisley. More Out of Print. Based on a layout by Maggie Holmes in Oct Creating Keepsakes.

Matthew and Simon at Druscillas. Based on a layout in August Scrapbook etc

The lovely Anna Branson. Based on Scarpbook Generations Sketch. Some of the other girls used the same sketch but they all looked such different layouts.

Another Scrapbook generations sketch and the beautful Great Grey Owls at Druscillas.

My Basic Grey Page of the Month and more fab Out of Print. These photos are from my cousin Pauls' Wedding.

I have lot of other layouts from the last month or so . More of our holidays, Liz and Jan's photo shoot and Paul's wedding. Will try to add them this week.

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, 10 October 2011

10 things Matthew said today

Shimelle's blog encourages us to list 10 things on the 10th day of each month. Ive been meaning to scrap a page about some of Matthew's words ( he is nearly 18 months). Here is a taster from today.

1. teeth
2. ball
3. oh no
4. gar ( garden)
5. dye dye ( bye bye)
6. hello dada
7. all gone
8. mumumumuma
9. stuck
10. up

He currently says lots of other things such as cat, hat, trac (which is truck and tractor), moo (cow), down, hot, bird plus a few others, and some signs and some sounds ( eg roaring engine for an aeroplane). So cute!