Sunday, 23 October 2011

a little chatterbox

I really felt the need to post today. My little Matthew is making me so proud. He hasnt really been himself the last 10 days or so. On the whole he has been fine, but he hasnt been eating quite as well and has seemed tired so I think he is teething or had little bug or sore throat.

But this weekend he has been so happy and he has been saying so many new words. He sometimes copies what we say or sometimes it is just out of the blue. Some of these words are common words such as milk or  tea , so because we say them on a daily basis I guess it was only a matter of time before he said them, but some of the words are quite difficult or he doesnt hear them everyday so we are just mega impressed with him.

In last couple of days we have heard him say ( all for the first time) - milk, apple, grandad, gran, nanny, Lyndsey (his auntie - this is the one we were most impressed with), frog , elephant, chicken,  tea, ear. Not a bad list - im sure there is lots more to come.

Yesterday he was 18 months old. Not a baby anymore!

Here is a recent picture taken on Monday at Wisley.


  1. Oh Wow. That is awesome clever little man! Maxwell is still not strong on the communication side of things :(
    Looking forward to seeing you his Saturday xx

  2. He looks so cute and his word list is growing at an amazing pace, well done Matthew x