Sunday, 11 December 2011

10 things on the 10th ( but this is really 11 things on the 11th)

Ok - so sometimes I take part in a blogging challenge by Shimelle where we all list 10 things on the 10th. But of course that was yesterday! So today Im going to go 11 things instead.

Since we had Matthew I dont get to do much scrapbooking at home, but I am lucky enough to have a supportive husband who  enjoys looking after Matthew whilst I go to my monthly Saturday crops, to the Eastbourne retreat and to the fortnightly Thursday night crops. That means since my last post I have actually been very creative - 18 layouts at Eastbourne, 2 on Thursday night and 4 yesterday. So I thought I should share some with you.

Many of these layouts are from sketches or inspiring  layouts in magazines - but I didnt make a note of them all but  I know I cant take all the credit.

So its 11 layouts on the 11th!
The lovely Anna at Holmbush Farm - loving yellow and blue right now

Been looking forward to scrapping these. The top photo is me with my lovely Grandad. The bottom is Matthew. Some similarity and both a pair of dribblers!

Another of past and present. Me with my Grandad and a horse in Somerset. Matthew with me and a horse in Somerset - probably 35 years apart!

A great morning at Garcons Farm picking a pumpkin. ( The R has dropped of 'our' - must find it)

Anna, Charlie and Matthew on the bouncing pillow- lovely Basic Grey Picadilly papers and spray inks.

The mystery kit from the Eastbouren retreat - provided by my friend  Sandra F  at Gottacraft

The newest edition to our family - the cutie Faith.

More Faith and more spray inks. A lovely class inspired by Ali

Matthews first trick or treat outing to Sandra's house where we also met with MA and Jimmy.

Loads of the layouts scraplifted this layout found by Sandra B. Matthew it just too cute.

Matthew doesnt like the photo ops in the morning!