Friday, 13 April 2012

12 on the 12th and other things

Why do I blog?

One reason is because I want to keep a record of some of the little things in our lives that we may look back on. It will help with the details. Just the other day I was reading some of my old posts about Matthew's first few days and Id written that he took 1 hour 45 minutes to have  bottle - now his bedtime bottle is gone in a few minutes - he loves it!

I also like to keep a record of my scrapping and of course its a lovely way to show off your work. One of  the things I love about scrapbooking is that I do it for me and my family but it does mean that I might be the only one to see my pages ( my husband isnt that interested). But by going to crops and blogging it does mean  you get some feedback on your work and we all like a bit of praise if someone says something nice.

And I like to enter challenges. Last night I went to a crop armed with some challenges Id added to my Pinterest folder and managed to complete three layouts during the evening. By having a blog I can enter into the challenges easily. Ive been honoured to have been featured on Shimelle's favourite scrapbooking starting points twice in recent weeks. And of course a place to show any design team work Ive done.

So tomorrow I will show you the challenges but today is about blogging and recording the little things.

So yesterday was the 12th and so I take part in a 12 on the 12th photo challenge. Here are my photos ( sorry cheam croppers if you dont like them).

Top row - Debbie, New girl Helen, Jo, Sandra F
Middle row - Petra - Sandra B ( had to include this picture - sorry Sandra), Sandra again and me
Bottom row - 3 layouts and us at work ( or chatting)

What else has been happening?

Well Matthew is under the weather. He has been full of cold this week and Im sure he has a sore throat. Last night he had a high temperature, made himself sick crying and was awake for nearly 3 hours ( yes - we are tired today!) Ive taken him to the doctor and chest/ ears upper throat are clear so its probably just lower throat and we just need to dose him up with calpol and nurofen and give it a couple of days.

However, he did wake up from his lunchtime nap in time to sprint down to Toys R Us in Colliers Wood. Matthew loves Fireman Sam and when I found out he was visiting during the school holidays I had to make sure we went for a photo op. Matthew was very in awe at first, but he did get braver. Lovely photos for the future - the day Matthew met the hero next door.

Hopefully Ill be back tomorrow to show my 3 layouts from the challenges I completed last night and I hope to enter some of Shimelle's challenges too.

By the way Ive made a few changes to my blog design etc - any thoughts?


  1. Great pictures apart from the one of me! lol I love the Fireman Sam photos.