Saturday, 31 March 2012

Photo 365+1 - March Highlights

Three months in and still achieving my photo per day. March has been a month of some special occasions: a university reunion, a family christening and Simon's birthday. April is set to be busy with the Easter holidays, Matthew's 2nd birthday and lots of other 2nd birthday parties to attend, so I am looking forward to taking more photos.

Here are my March highlights from 365+1.
3rd - University reunion - a fabulous day.

10th - Matthew took this picture of Simon.

12th - My Heidi Grace supplies arrive - more on that another time

15th - working with my Gottacraft Design Team supplies

17th - Matthew and I at lunch

18th - Faith's Christening

19th - Matthew with my cousin Liz

22nd - Last Sing and Sign lesson

24th - My cool dude!

26th - Matthew's first football lesson

29th - twin lambs I watched bring born at Bocketts Farm

31st - A trip to Wisley


  1. Oh Lorna, what fabulous photos .... Look at my little cool man :) xxx

  2. Such lovely photos Lorna what a little sweetheart Matthew is - and you have caught that gorgeous shrub perfectly I have to say!

  3. Beautiful photos, I love the one of you and Matthew x