Saturday, 24 March 2012

12 on the 12th

It feels like a long time since I posted, but it is only a week, but it has been a busy one. Last weekend we went away to the christening of my cousin's little girl Faith. It was a great weekend. Matthew was very good on the long journey to Devon. We have a DVD player for the car and although I feel guilty about him watching too much , it does keep him occupied and of course he naps some of the time too. Last weeks DVDs  were Kipper, Fireman Sam and Jungle Book.

It was lovely to see all my family and we stayed one night at my cousin Lizzie's so it was really fantastic to spend some quality time with her - we havent done it much in recent years and it was great to really catch up. Im sure photos of the weekend will be on my blog soon or on my layouts.

So this week has been busy. We came back on Monday and then it was back to work on Tuesday so Ive been chasing my tail catching up with jobs and getting myself organised at work (something I can normally do over a weekend).

So not much time for scrapping or blogging this week, but the Easter Holidays start next Friday so hopefully I will find some time then.

However, I still have some photos to share with you so I thought I would blog today with my 12 photos taken on the 12th of the month. Its a great way of making a true record of a day and all the little things we did. Ive scrapped my Feb 12 on the 12th and look forward to scrapping this months too.

The 12th  fell on a Monday ths month. The day started with fog and I could see spiders' webs on our terrace. Matthew played at home in the morning in his PJs and then we went to soft play and lunch with Karen and Bella. Matthew puckered up for a kiss goodbye with Bella. In the afternoon the sun came out and my daffodils in the garden looked lovely. Matthew had a trip to Nanny's while  I did some school work at home. I had another win on facebook of £5 to spend at Craft island and in the evening I scapped this layout for Shimelle's Starting Point Challenge. You can see layout better here.

Hopefully I'll be back blogging again soon. x

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