Sunday, 4 March 2012

Friends Reunited

Yesterday was a very special day. I consider my university friends to be some of my best friends and yet of course our lives have all taken different routes and we dont get to see each other as often as we like. There have been some weddings, some reunions, some occasional meetings but some of our group havent managed to see each since graudation ( which is coming up to 19 year ago).  Yesterday 6 of us from our old group, 5 spouses and 8 children got together. It was lovely to see everyone again,  fantastic to slip into our old conversations, amazing to see all the little ones together and quite simply just one of those really fantastic days we will never forget!

Here are some photos and some who's who!
Our lovely hosts for the day Warren and Louisa. Warren was one of the 'old' Reading geographers. I haven't seen them for five years.  

Warren, Jeremy, Phil and his wife Nora.

Jeremy. Im lucky enough to see Jeremy on a regular bases. He was my 'best man' as our wedding.

Ok - everyone is actually in this shot!!! Not quite what we had planned when we set the timers on our cameras.

Phil and Nora. I havent seen Phil for about 7 years. He has been in New Zealand for some time but is now working in Edinburgh for two years with his lovely wife Nora.

The girls from the Geography group. Caroline, myself and Chris. Again, I havent seen them for five years.

Chris and Ben and their daughter. Son running around the field somewhere.

Caroline and Chris

The oldest 6 children. What a bunch of blondes. Hard work getting this photo!

Matthew getting to grips with the piano and Caroline's little one looking on.

Matthew loved the dogs!

Another picture of the oldest 6 children. With Matthew being supported by Simon ( who I cropped out!)

Jeremy with Warren's youngest. I must sign him up for babysitting!
So I think that includes a shot of everyone - even me and Simon.

So thank you to all of these people for being my friends. Special friends, special memories. Let's not leave it so long next time. I promise to organise something at our house next summer.


  1. It looks like you had an amazing day x

  2. Lorna you're so organised getting the photos up on the blog so quickly. It was a really special day. Great captions by the way!

  3. Perfect, looks like you all had such a wonderful day

  4. What a very lovely occasion for you all Lorna.