Friday, 2 March 2012

Photo 365+1 - February Highlights

Two months in and Im still achieving my photo a day. Some of them are not great photos but they will help remind me of the little things in day to day life. You can see all my Jan/Feb photos here.  But here are some of my February highlights.
5th Feb -  Some snow at last and Matthew gets to make a snowman. Or Daddy did while Matthew watched!

13th Feb - Valentine's tea for the little ones
12th Feb - Blueberry muffins for the Valentine's tea

14th Feb - Valentines pic

19th Feb - my boys at swimming

20th Feb - A trip to Wisley and the butterfly exhibition in the glasshouse

21st Feb - Pancake day

26th Feb - Musical statues - very Michael Jackson

I win £5 on facebook to spend at Sarahscards - not life changing amounts but just nice to win something.


  1. What a lovely collection of photos as little reminders of good times. And you're a winner - way to go!!!

  2. These are really lovely, and mice to see one of you in front of the camera for a change

  3. Great photos and congratulations on your win