Friday, 2 September 2011

learn something new every day ( LSNED)

Ive signed up for Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class. Its a month of prompts to get you reflecting on what you learn on a daily basis. Some people make a mini book with a page for every day and every thought. But Im strictly a 12 x 12 scrapper so I think i'll probably just do some layouts of my best thoughts or maybe some weekly summaries. For now though Im just trying to think about what Ive learnt in the first two days of September.

Thursday was easy. I actually learnt loads of stuff. I went to Horton Park Farm with Simon and Matthew and they had signs up about animals. I learnt some new facts and here are two of my favourites:

I also learnt that cutting Matthew's hair was not too bad but also that next time I will do it better. Ive never cut his hair but it was getting really long. If it wasnt for his beautiful curls it would have been too long weeks ago. But his fringe was getting too long and some of the curls a bit mad and fuzzy, and when it was wet it was just too long. So I washed his hair and settled him in front of the tv for a hair cut. I think it looks ok. Next time I will keep the fringe a little longer ( it shrunk as it dried), and maybe keep a little bit more curls around his ears. But it will grow and he still looks gorgous to me.

I also went to my crop Thursday night and tried to learn about Hipstamatic. I think i understood but as I dont have an iphone, I dont think it really sunk in. I did have a fabby evening with the girls though.

Yesterday was different as it was back to work. I learnt lots of useful but dull work things about using Office 2010, and other work related things but its hard to take a back step and think about something meaningful youve learnt when you been busy at work.
Even as Im typing now Im learning. I think one of the most relaxing things to be doing is drinking a cup of tea and writing stuff down. Having a blog is quite satisfying. Maybe thats my something for Friday! ( I wrote this blod last night but didnt quite get it published).

And so now it is Saturday morning. Ivee already learnt today that getting my photos into my blog isnt that easy and I need to find a better way of doing it. But hopefully Ill learn something more positive in the course of today.

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  1. I think you did a great job with the haircut, he still looks as cute as ever :)