Tuesday, 6 September 2011

what ive learnt this week...

No pictures today but I want to keep recording my 'LSNED' thoughts otherwise I wont be able to remember them when it is time to record them in my scrapbooks.

Yesterday was a lovely day. Matthew and I did a little shopping, then went to a friends for lunch and a visit to the soft play and then my mum looked after Matthew for a couple of hours ( although he slept all the time - the joys of soft play exhaustion) whilst I went to visit a good scrapbooking friend who had a little baby boy just over 5 weeks ago. It was lovely to see them both but what it made me think about was how much my own little boy has changed. Matthew is walking, running, dancing, saying a few words, babbling like crazy and is no longer really a baby. This really is the cutest age ( but I think Ive said that before). Thank goodness I take photos and scrapbook as it can sometimes be hard to remember what he was like at 5 weeks old; what our routines were like; what was going well and what the thing I was worrying about was ( because I must have been worrying about something). Time plays tricks on your mind. Time does fly - it really does and I cant believe my little boy is 16 months old, but there are some things which I cannot remember that well. Seeing Michaelanne and little Jimmy reminded me to appreciate every moment!

Today was my first proper day back at school for this term. We had inset on friday but today was my first day with classes. Last year was a weird year for me. I was on maternity leave until Christmas and then picked up a bunch of classes that other people had been teaching and in other people's rooms too. This year I have my own classes from September - a chance to instill my way of doing things with the students from the beginning. I also have my own classroom so can organise things how I want. My classes today were really lovely, my classroom is beginning to look fab ( still more displays to do) and it reminded me of why I love teaching. Im sure in a couple of weeks Ill be tired, or a student will have wound me up but on the whole I love my job!

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  1. You can really tell tou love your job, you're very lucky, as are the kids that have you as their teacher.