Sunday, 4 September 2011

LSNED and layouts

Here is a little update on my learn something new every day and some layouts from the last week.

Yesterday I went to see the Wizard of Oz, it was a birthday treat from my mum. We had time to do a little shopping in Oxford Street first and I learnt something new. That is that I really dont like this seasons colurs. Now I love shopping and can usually find lots of things I like. But this year the colours are very muted autumnal colours. They are nice colours - but just not for me. Where is the hot pink, purple, aqua etc that I love?

Today I learnt that I am falling in love with my new laptop. Another present - this time from my generous husband. Last week I was getting a bit stressed getting it all set up and worrying that I wouldnt be able to use it properly ( i like to have something to worry about). But today, whilst my boys were out swimming) I used it to do some of my lesson planning for this term and found myself getting much more condident using it. Ive still got things to learn but it feels like im making progress.

Ive done a little scrapping too. The first layout I did last weekend. This uses a Shimelle sketch. The title ' its Tractor time' is something that one of Matthew's toys says and during our week in Somerset he couldnt get enough tractor time!

The second layout is photos of Matthew playing with the diggers in the giant sandpit on holiday. He just loves big boys toys!

The final layout is of Matthew on the beach. There was some drizzle but we stayed put and really enjoyed ourselves. Another Shimelle sketch and I must admit Im really pleased with the final product.


  1. Hi, just come across your blog,now following!! great layouts, lovely colours!! x

  2. Lorna those layouts are fab!! Love the colours you've used!! Xx