Monday, 19 September 2011

a lovely day out

Today was a lovely day. I went to Wisley with my mum, my aunt and Matthew. They have a scultpure trail so you wander round, enjoy the sculptures but also enjoy the lovely surroundings and of course today we were lucky because the sun shone!

Rear - Dustmotes
Front -  Pause for Thought and Thought Waves

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One of my favourites - The Wind and a girl

Three Wings

My favourite sculpture called the Wedding Guest. Front and back shots.

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Matthew with Auntie Janet

Matthew spots an aeroplane.

Hide and seek.

Sisters ( even matching clothes!)

Matthew with my mum.

My sunglasses - Upside down - Anyone remember Dennis Taylor?
Here are a few of my favourite photos. I promise my next blog will show some of my layouts and more of my Learn Something New Everyday posts.


  1. What great shots you've got there, and you picked a really good day for the weather. Looks like you ALL had fun lol.

  2. Such great photos. It looks so lovely there, I might have to pay a visit