Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bumps in the night and other stories

We have not had the easiest week. No major disasters but little Matthew has been poorly.

It all started on Tuesday night with a temperature. Poor little thing - did he cry? On Wednesday a trip to the GP indicated a sore throat. Wednesday night - more tears! Thursday afternoon and some spots appear (panic - chicken pox?) but a quick drop into the doctors and panic over. Thursday night was bad! Matthew woke at 9.30 and didn't sleep again until nearly 12. In the end it was a car drive that got him chilled out enough to sleep. Friday came and by this time he wasn't really interested in food or his bottle (most unlike him!) and I was still not convinced we had a correct diagnosis. So I took him back to the GP, who finally diagnosed Hand, foot and mouth. I did panic at first that this was something he had picked up from one of our numerous farm visits this summer but she quickly reassured me that it is as common as a cold - especially in this age group. The sore throat was due to spots and ulcers in the mouth ( no wonder he couldn't eat) and the spots on his arms and legs were completely non itchy (none on his body at all). At this point I was so relieved that all the symptoms finally fitted together.

He was still a little poorly Saturday and Sunday - very tired, a bit grumpy and off his food. But by Sunday night he slept 12 hours from 8 till 8 (bliss!) and on Monday he seemed much happier.

All in all nothing serious but it is so hard seeing your little one suffer - especially when you don't know how they are suffering or what it is.

But that's not all....

On Tuesday night as Simon came down the stairs to get some medicine for Matthew he fell down the last few steps and into the baby gate. I'm surprised the whole neighbourhood didn't wake up with the sound of the bump. Scared the living daylights out of me! Fortunately no major damage done ( to Simon or the baby gate) but the bruise is quite incredible.

So not much scrapping this week ( one layout which still needs its title finishing) but out to my Thursday evening crop tomorrow night so hopefully I can get a couple of layouts done then.

And now for the picture of the bruise....

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  1. Oh my goodness, you've really had such a time of it. Hand, foot & mouth, sounds so scary, buy glad you're all over the worst of it, and I hope simon is feeling better too. Looking forward to catching up with you.