Monday, 13 February 2012

Show of Saturday - on Monday again!

Im a little behind with my posts but not with  my ideas to fill them. I had an idea for my show offf saturday and I took my 12 photos on the 12th but will need a couple of days to get up to date with it all. Another thing to add to my to do list.

For my show off saturday this week I want to show off my little boy, Matthew ( boring I know - but he is such a good boy and Im always so proud of him and the new things he does). One of the things he is doing so well at the moment is 'reading' his books. He will sit and read a book in our bed in the morning while we get ready. Or he will sit on the sofa and look at books without us reading to him. And he likes to have a book to look at as he is going to sleep. And I always have a book or two to keep him occupied if we go out. Of course, he also loves to have books read to him. He does have his favourites - at the moment they are the Elmer books, Kipper the dog books, and probably his absolute favourite is the Gruffalo. Our house is full of books and I love them so Im delighted that now he seems to be really getting into them.

Here are some pics from the last week of the little man reading.

On the sofa with Gruffalo's child

Reading in our bed in the mornings.

Being read the Gruffalo by the lovely Anna.

With Daddy

Crazy boy!!!


  1. Lorna I know how you love books so it lovely that he is enjoying them too. How sweet is the shot of him with Anna - he is listening so intently - bless!

  2. I'd happily see more photos of my little man, he's just so adorable