Friday, 10 February 2012

10 Things on the 10th

So its time for the monthly 10 things on the 10th. Last month were some things that I planned to do over the coming year. We have already crossed one of these of our list as a couple of weeks ago we took Matthew to the Natural History Museum. He absolutely loved it, especially all the stuffed animals and the tube journey. Simon and I were shattered when we got home from lugging him and the buggy up and down the stairs at the stations and keeping up with him in the musuem but he loved it so much it was of course worth it.

Today however marks the start of half term. Im delighted. This term has been short and although that sounds fantastic we often feel like we pack the same amount of work into the term whether it is 6 weeks or 8 weeks. Just like I often feel I pack  a 5 day working week into 3 days. I love my job - but it keeps me very very busy at times.

So half term sees some time to catch up on the things that dont get done during school time. Im lucky that Matthew will still spend some time with grandparents and nursery so I hopefully will get some jobs done and have some me time.

So I have 2 lists tonight. My to do list ( jobs) and my to do list ( pleasure).

10 jobs to do at half term:

1. Medical appointments - dentist, opticians ( boring!)
2. Have a wardrobe sort out - bin some old clothes and a general tidy
3. Dressing table sort out - im hoping to get a new one soon as mine is tatty so time for a clear out!
4. Complete my album sort - started at Christmas but needs completion
5. Some school work - marking/ reports/admin/ lesson planning  etc
6. Start to organise Matthew's 2nd Birthday
7. Order my new drivers license ( apparently I need to update the photo)
8. Sell a few bits on ebay and marketplace in UKS. Want to buy some new items from the latest craft ranges.
9. Go through some old magazines and tear out bits I want and throw the rest out for recycling
10. Find a couple of new recipes to try out in coming weeks. Feel like we need some new ideas.

Not all the jobs above are horrible - but they are jobs nevertheless.

10 pleasurable things to do at half term:

1. Visit friends in Eastbourne
2. Swimming and then lunch with Matthew's swimming buddies and families
3. Meet up with NCT friends
4. Breakfast with a work collegue who is a great friend and yet I never have time to talk to at work
5. A meal with a good friend
6. A shopping trip - just me!
7. A Thursday night crop
8. A Saturday crop
9. Reading magazines and books and catching up on some TV.
10. Maybe even more scrapbooking at home! Who knows!

Wow - that is going to keep me busy. Im worn out just thinking about it. This time next week I will looking forward to going back to work for a rest ( just kidding!).


  1. Looks like you will be really busy next week. My half term list consists of all the things I have put off doing since the New Year!

    Must make a 'nice' to do list too, just love that idea!

    thanks for sharing and hope you get as much done as you can whilst still enjoying the break x

  2. I too like the idea of having two lists running together. Mine is always full of chores! Enjoy your half term break.
    Fiona x

  3. I'm loving the fun list, but actually your other list isn't too bad either

  4. What a great idea to have 2 the necessaries and the other the rewards!