Saturday, 4 February 2012

Show off Saturday - which photo for 365+1?

I dont have much to show off today. I have a couple of layouts from this week that I am really pleased with and Matthew is saying new things all the time, but I dont want my theme to be the same every week.

However, I did take a few photos on Monday of a heron sitting on the tree opposite our house. It had a little battle with a crow and I managed a few half decent shots. The photography isnt excellent - but I think the pictures tell a good tale so I think I will show them off today.

Im still working on my 365+1 photo a day and uploading them onto the 365 website. Its a really easy way of seeing them all together. So my question is - which one of the heron photos should be my photo of the day for Monday 30th Jan. You decide! Please comment.


  1. Love the photos and the story behind them Lorna! I would choose the bottom photo as you get the form of the heron, which is best in the third photo, but then you get the crow too which tells the story.

  2. I think my fav is the last one, you've captured the flight too

  3. I love the second and third one but I agree the bottom one tells the full story