Saturday, 21 January 2012

Show of Saturday

Well I can think of nothing better to show off than my gorgeous son. He is 21 months tomorrow and he has been on really good form recently. He is eating well, sleeping well ( most the time ) and saying and doing new things all the time. He makes us laugh all the time and is a very happy little boy ( again - most the time). He is full of love always giving us hugs and kisses and is a real people person.

He has the most beautiful blonde curly locks and most of the time I just let them grow and let it look a bit wild and surfy, but every now and again I do feel that it needs a little trim and tidy up so today Matthew had his third mummy haircut - although next time I might brave a children's hairdressers.

Here are a couple of photos of my lovely baby boy and his hair!
Really wild child - Matthew's hair last sunday after swimming and a mad afternoon  - a trim was much needed!
A happy boy - feeling the ducks at Wimbledon Park today

Posing for the camera after his hair cut today. Posing for the camera - he must have known it was show off saturday.


  1. He's just the sweetiest little thing, oh how I adore him xx give him a kiss from his Aunty Sandra

  2. Oh Lorna he is so cute. Gorgeous with and without the curls!

  3. He really is gorgeous and that hair is so cute