Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 things to do this year

Not so much resolutions but things I want to do with Matthew this year or places I want to take him.

1. The London Aquarium
2. One of the London Museums either Natural History or Science ( or both)
3. To a fire station open day
4. Have a family photo portrait done
5. Fruit picking at Garcon's Farm - ok so we picked one pumpkin last year - but a proper fruit picking session
6. A trip to the theatre ( not me as I go occasionally) but with Matthew. We have a children's theatre in Wimbledon
7. Have  a proper 2nd birthday party for him and his friends. He is old enough to appreciate it this year.
8. See an Olympic event. Even though we dont have tickets Id like Matthew to see  the torch or we could go to the cycle road race which is being held locally and is free (if we can get anywhere near it).
9. Get him involved in a new sport - maybe Soccatots. He already has swimming lessons.
10. More crafting/drawing/painting/baking. I have been quite nervous about these so far and it has just been colouring in but I think its time to bring on the mess.

It will be good to look back at this post at the end of the year to see what we achieved.

For those of you interested in My 365+1 Photo a Day project you can see them uploaded here


And for those pintertest addicts  you can follow my pins here.


Id love to find some more scrapping/crafting/photography people to follow on Pinterest so will be looking out to follow you back!


  1. A really great list,I can tell you're going to have a Funtime working your way through it.

    I checked out at project 365 photos ... They're great,I like the ifish one. I was struggling with today's, but not now :)

  2. Sounds like a great list. I'm gonna check you out on Pinterest. It is so horribly addicting. We are planning a 2nd b-day party too, and we desperately need to do a family photo. We have never done one. Yikes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Great list Lorna. I'm sure Matthew will enjoy all those things just as much as you! I love your 365 Project so far. Now I'm wondering whether to do one too.