Monday, 2 January 2012

The festive season is over - bring on 2012

Can you believe the festive season is over? We spend days, weeks, even months preparing and then suddenly it is all over. Tomorrow Simon goes back to work ( he worked only Friday last week) and on Wednesday I go back to work and before long normal routine will kick in.

The holidays have been lovely. We have spent a lot of time together as a family but also grandparents have looked after Matthew and he has been to nursery so we've had some 'me' time or 'us' time as well.

So what have we all been upto? Our holidays includes:
  • A theatre visit - The Rat Pack at Sutton
  • A visit to the cemetry to leave a wreath for my grandparents
  • A visit to see the Christmas lights at a nearby road that does it in style
  • A christmas eve meal with friends
  • A lovely Christmas day with family
  • Boxing Day racing
  • A swimming trip with other families and then a meal out
  • A girly dinner for me
  • A 40th birthday party
  •  Matthew spending New years evening at Nanny's for his first sleepover whilst we celebrated with friends ( and had a lie in)
  • A trip to Chessington Zoo
Wow - that makes it sound like we have been very busy but we have also had time at home. Matthew had loads of Christmas presents. I think we managed to make them last about 3/4 days for him and we have had some fun times playing with those. Matthew has also had some good long afternoon sleeps so we had a chance to chill out and/or do jobs.

We have not always been well. I have had sinisitus which is only just clearing up. I thought I had toothache but it turned out to the pressure of the sinuses and a 2nd weeks worth of antibiotics was prescribed by the dentist. I also really hurt my back on Wednesday evening - think I pulled a muscle or nerve. It was agony that night and I thought I would be out of action for a few days but it is healing very quickly and I feel fine and have no problems picking up Matthew etc. Matthew has also been under the weather. The doctor thinks it is the tonsilitus from November but the last few days he has seemed back to his normally bubbly self.

But these are small things - merely irriations really. We are lucky to have our health and our family and our friends and our home.

So what does next year hold? Who knows? As always the new year is a good time for 'resolutions'. As always I want to eat healthier, lose weight, be more organised, be a better mother, save more money, spend less money, take better photos, scrap more, read more, blog more, relax more, worry less, compare myself to others less, be a better cook, learn new recipes, complete unfinished jobs etc etc etc. I will of course probably not manage any of these - but I can try.

And now a few of my fav photos from the last couple of weeks.

23rd Dec- At Cemetry

Christmas Eve Pizza

In the window of Pizza express - Matthew's middle name is Arthur.

Christmas morning
Christmas morning

Are you joking? This is my present?
Much better - chocolate fingers!

Chessington Zoo

Chessinton Zoo


  1. Beautiful photos, looks like you had a fantastic break x

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas break together. Happy New Year!

  3. Gorgeous photos, looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. May 2012 bring you lots of happiness xxx