Thursday, 5 January 2012

Photo A Day?

Ok - so it shouldnt have a question mark at the end. It should be a positive statement - but I think it is a challenge that some days im going to struggle to complete.

There are lots of online challenges about taking one photo a day to record your year. Id be really interested if anyone has any links to good prompts or forums that are running the challenge as I think I will need some help getting through and will need some fresh ideas.

So the challenge is to take a photo everyday. The idea is that it is not always going to be a major event. Hopefully not always a cute photo of Matt or of a recent layout. But maybe something everyday. A record of life.

I know I definately want to take more photos of the area I live in. I have lived in the Wimbledon/Morden area for 40 years ( other than 4 years at univesity in Reading) and I want to record some of the places I take for granted.

I also want to photo our home. Its not a show home - its not from the pages of Homes and Gardens , but it is our home. I love it and we spend a lot of time here. I should record it.

Not all my photos will become layouts - but I might think of a way of presenting my photos - either in an album, or a photobook at the end of the year or maybe a monthly layout. Still playing with that idea in my head and reading other blogs for inspiration.

So its the 5th, Ive taken 5 photos - so here they are....

About 12.15am on New Years Eve and our friends brought along a Chinese lantern to celebrate. Didnt have my best camera with me  - but quite like this shot!

Ok - so youve seen this before. But love this shot!

2 photos for the 2nd - cant decide which I like best

3 Jan  - went into Wimbledon in the winds and rain and whilst shopping took a few shots. Some of the architecture in Wimbledon is beautiful and its interesting how the town has evolved in my lifetime. But the library is still the library, I loved coming here as a child.

4 Jan and of course back to work so I forgot to take a photo. So in the evening I took a photo of my little work area at home complete with my new SAD light which Simon bought me for Christmas,

5 Jan and Matthew playing with his friends Eva's very pink toys. He loved putting the dolly in and out of the buggy - very cute. And how adorable is that t-shirt.
 I wonder if I can keep the challenge up all year. Watch this space!


  1. Great idea to take photos of places around you, we take so much for granted. I've been doing the 365 photo a day with an app on my camera ... Loving it so far

  2. Great photos, I am trying to take a photo a day this year too