Saturday, 19 May 2012

Basic Grey Challenge

Im behind on my posts. Its the 19th May and I havent yet posted the April highlights. Ive not yet blogged about Matthew's birthday party, and Ive got my 12 on the 12th photos to share as well.

But never mind, blogging shouldn't really be about making myself lists of jobs and putting myself under pressure. I should just do what I can when I can.

Today was crop day and I managed 4 layouts. Had a lovely time as usual scrapping, chatting and shopping.

My first layout was for the basic grey challenge shown here . I love this Plumeria range and although I dont have many photos which include purple, you can bet that any I do over the next few weeks will be scrapped with this line. Lucky then that my mum has a purple coat!

This photo was taken when my mum went up to London on the egg hunt. Ive used a lot of the plumeria range but added some thickers and a gorgeous flower that Ali gave me at the crop which went straight on this layout. Thanks also to Michelanne, I got a bit stuck at one point but she pointed me in the right direction.


  1. My goodness you got that up quickly Lorna. I love this layout and that flower from Ali was indeed very opportune!

  2. Love love love your layout, perfect take on my card, fantastic to use the concept to a layout, thanks for taking the time to play Scraplift over at Basic Grey, hugs

  3. A beautiful layout with a really lovely photo.

  4. I just love that photo-it's fab!

  5. I think you've used those papers perfectly and it was absolutely the right egg to showcase! You're so welcome to the flower, you know how I feel about purple - you were doing me a favour!

  6. Love the colours on this page and how it's all come together :)