Thursday, 10 May 2012

10 on the 10th - My holiday to do list

Recently Ive found myself  saying to Matthew 'Mummy and Daddy will take you there one day!' He was watching some of the Planet Earth ive with the lions and elephants while he had his bedtime bottle and I said these magic words. So that got me thinking about the places I would like to take Matthew - some Ive already  been to and some I havent.

1. The Isle of Wight - ok - this is cheating really as we are already booked to go there this summer but I am really looking forward to it. I know Matthew is going to love it - farms, beaches, the donkey santuary, a zoo - the perfect holiday for a 2 year old. And of course the excitement of the ferry crossing to get there.

2. Disney - got to take children to Disneyland at some point. We might go to Disneyland Paris next year for my Mum's 70th birthday.

3. York and Yorkshire. I love York and its beautiful surroundings. Matthew would love the Railway museum. Definately a place to take him to - maybe when he is a little older and can enjoy more of the museusms in York.

4. Berlin - Ive been to quite a few European cities but there was something very interesting about Berlin. Id love Matthew to go there when he is older and learn the history.

5. Italy - my favourite European country. Great weather, great beaches, fabulous cities, amazing food. Im sure we will take Matthew here one day.

6. Kenyan Safari - always been on my dream holiday list - would love to take Matthew.

7. New York - Ive been twice and loved it. Its an amazing city. Hoping Simon would do a couple of activities with Matthew so that I could hit the shops!!!

8. Australia - its a long way to go which is why we have never done it but my good friend there has just had a baby and right now I feel a long way away from her which makes me want to go visit.

9. Canada - I just loved Canada - the scenery and the wildlife was amazing. Id love Matthew to see it.

10. USA tour. Its a bit of a dream really but Id love to drive across the USA. Id love to see what life is like in some of the smaller towns of the USA. I like to spend a couple of months on the road seeing the non-touristy side of the States.

Im sure I wont achieve all this partly because Im not the adventurous type. I actually like to be inside my comfort zone and I like familiarity and dont like the unknown. Having said that when I do go on holiday I always have a great time and Matthew is only young so plenty of time to achieve my goals!


  1. A great list! May pinch this idea for a future post. I too would love a long road trip across the US of A xx

  2. What a great list Lorna, I must admit a lot of them would be on my list too

  3. Great places and Australia has been on my list for a very long time too... if only it was a bit closer!!!