Saturday, 22 May 2010

One month old!

Matthew is one month old today! Of course I havent updated my blog as often as I would like but im going to try not to stress about not doing it and concentrate on when I can.

The last few days with Matthew have been tough. He is as good as gold when we go out or have visitors and noone believes me when I say he can cry but over the last few days he has been really suffering from wind and some constipation and it is heartbreaking to see him cry as he tries to get things moving. He must be so uncomfortable and not know why. The health visitor has recommended a different formula so hopefully in a few days that will help. Last night was a tough one - he barely slept at all. Thank goodness my husband is happy to look after him too so we both got a few snatches of sleep. Of course Matthew then slept all morning for a trip to Sainsburys and for a little while after.

I took a few photos to celebrate his one month birthday and because he looked so peaceful after such a stressful night.

I havent done as much scrapbooking this week or had time to upload the layouts I have done. But mustnt beat myself up about it. There is no rush!

Since I last posted we have had more visitors: Jane, Lorraine and Jenny, and Meenal. Been to Wimbledon Common with Dai; Met up with the NCT girls and had a trip to Sutton with my mum ( which Matthew slept all the way through!)
Tomorrow we look forward to the NCT girls, babies and husbands coming for lunch. On Wednesday we plan to go out for my Mum's birthday and on Thursday Im going to be leaving Matthew with Simon for about 3 hours whilst I go to school and present the Year 13 Leavers awards.

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  1. Ooh loving those tootsies. What a cutie! :D