Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Life with Matthew - Days 3 and 4

Wow - the time certainly seems to fly by with a little one in our lives. Each day I write a list of jobs to do and I do get some of them done but updating my blog seems to take a back seat.

I really want to go back and record the first week of Matthew's life and any major miles stones - so here goes with days 3 and 4.

Day 3

Day 3 was a big milestone because we came home from the hospital. Although prior to giving birth I was somewhat nervous about the thought of going home and being 100% responsible for my baby, after 2 days in hospital I was keen to get away from the pressures of breast feeding and home where I would be back in 'full control'. It also meant we would start to be a family properly together.

The journey home was exciting. Unfortunately I dont really have any good photos of Matthew in his car seat - but he loved it and soon fell asleep with the movement of the car.

When we got home there were flowers from Sandra and her family and lots of cards to open. The evening flew past as family all came over to visit again.

Day 4

We decided that day 4 was going to be a quiet day at home with no visitors and just the three of us. The midwife came to visit us and check up on us. Again the pressure was still on to breast feed and we did have some success that afternoon with Matthew taking some food this way - but in the evening it became very stressful again. By the end of the evening we had pretty much decided that breast feeding wasnt working for us as a family and that Matthew was doing better with the bottle (although he still sometimes took a long time to have a feed ) and I could monitor how much he was eating. I had my first little cry on this afternoon as Matthew hadnt had any bowel movement for 36 hours and the midwife advised that if nothing happened overnight that we should take him to A&E. I was just so worried that something was wrong but later on that evening there was nappy action - who knew I would be so pleased to change a soiled nappy!!!!!!