Monday, 10 September 2012

10 on the 10th - My Birthday in numbers

On the 10th of the 10th I try and take part in Shimelle's 10 on the 10th alongside lots of other bloggers.
In September this is easy as it falls on my birthday. So here is my birthday this year in numbers.

1. Today I was 41.
2. I started my day with 44 lengths of the local pool. Im taking part in the Aspire Swim the Channel in 12 weeks challenge and today was the first day.
3. So far I have raised £286 but my target is £750.
4. I went to the parade to Our Greatest Parade in London to watch 700 athletes on 21 buses. It was an amazing experince.
5. I took 300 photos today!
6. I made 1 Victoria sponge for my birthday dinner and 12 cupcakes to take to work tomorrow.
7. I received 31 facebook messages saying Happy Birthday . A sign of the world we live in in 2012. 3 from overseas. Such a great way for people to stay in touch.
8. 20 days until my birthday present from my husband when we are going to stay overnight in a spa hotel and leaving little Matthew with grandparents.
9. 43 emails arrived in my in box at work today. Usually I read them even though being part time I dont work Mondays. But today they can just wait until tomorrow!
10. 364 days till my next birthday. Shame I'd like one every day!

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