Thursday, 1 July 2010

How did it get to be July?

This one is for you Sandra (Gottacraft) - sorry it took so long!

I cannot believe that today is July and we are now half way through the year! The other day I was talking to my mum and I said that I felt that I hadn't really done anything this year ( eg holidays etc) , I then realised that I had done the biggest thing ever this year and gave birth to Matthew!

Today Matthew is 10 weeks old and as you can see from the pictures he is growing fast. He was weighed today and he is 13lb13. He loves his bottle and feeds really well. He is currently on 6 bottles a day and hopefully over the next couple of weeks he will go down to 5. We have a lovely bedtime routine now of story/bath/bottle and then into his moses basket by 10pm. He goes down brilliantly and straight to sleep. In fact we are going to start bringing this routine forward as he is often falling asleep earlier and we have to wake him up for the routine. At the moment he either sleeps or cries during the story but I know he is very young and hopefully he will grow to love it. Im enjoying all the stories - my current favourite is the Snail and the Whale. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

On the whole Matthew is sleeping round to between 4 and 5.30am. Although last night it was 3am (I think because he had only 5 bottles yesterday he was hungry). He is a noisy sleeper though with his grunts/snores and groans and often wakes me up even when he is asleep - but Im beginning to learn which noises I need to respond to and which are just him! ( Just like his father!)

Last week Matthew had his first jabs. I was very brave and so was he and he didnt cry too much at all. He was good in the evening and slept most of the morning the next day - sorry Sandra, Sandra and Michalanne that you didnt get cuddles! However he was a bit miserable for the rest of Thursday and Friday so they certainly had an impact on him ( the jabs - not my friends!) Next ones in another 4 weeks!

I cant believe I havent written a post for so long, but when I do get half hour free time I tend to get household jobs done first and then either scrapbook/sort photos or read. As Matthew starts to go to bed a little earlier though I should find a little more time in the evening. Im also getting less time during the day than the first weeks as he sleep less but then that is when he gets to play on his playmat or other activities. I love all the smiles and giggles we get at this time!

We continue to keep ourselves busy. I go out every day even its just a quick trip to the supermarket to get a few bits. More often though we meet friends for elevenses or lunch, or go somewhere with my mum. Starbucks really should do a frequent user loyalty scheme!

In the last month we have had trips to Garcons farm and Poleden Lacey with Simon as a family and to friends for a BBQ for the first footie game ( the less said the better!) Ive also managed to go to a couple of evening crops for a couple of hours and to half a Saturday crop. I must try and upload some of my layouts!

Here are some of my favourite pictures of Matthew from the last few weeks!


  1. Lovely to keep up with your news Lorna, what fabulous pictures, he really is such a little sweetheart. x

  2. Ah, ah and ah - he is SO sweet and so are all his lovely little outfits!

  3. Oh Lorna - he is such a cutie. He looks so happy and contented as well.

    I was racking my brains trying to remember their favourite books as babies. Wibbly's Garden, Big Red Bath and Kipper's Bear were all read very often: "There are pinky purple bleeper people living in the moon. They've all got their teddy bears. We hope you find yours soon"......argghhhh 10 years later I think I still know them all by heart!

    Give little Matthew a hug from me :)

  4. My darling little Herbert, you are just the cutest thing, and you're as good as gold. Love and Kisses, aunty Sandra xxxx