Monday, 19 April 2010

Showered with surprises, gifts and love!

I was lucky enough to have two surprise baby showers.

The first was at work. Sarah organised a traditional English Tea for lunch on my last day complete with cream teas, sandwiches and a hot pot of tea. Lots of girls from work came and I was showered with presents as you see from this picture.

Then on the 10th April I went to my last full day Cheam Crop ( for a little while anyway). There Gaye had organised a lovely day for me. She bought lots of little white vests ( onesies) and each member of the crop customised one with their own unique design. What a lovely idea - my baby has designer clothes!
Gaye also organised a predictions book for everyone to guess the date/ name/weight etc and a present for me. Michelanne organised a game for guessing and measuring my bump and Sandra made blue fairy cakes. It was a lovely day and on top of that I won a bet on the Grand National with 'Dont Push It' and won the sweepstake I organised at the crop with the same horse!

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  1. Glad the blog is up and running .... and I would still like the name Herbert to be in the running LOL.