Sunday 20 November 2011

the best of times!

I have had the best couple of days. Bright and early on Saturday morning ( before 8 am), I was on the road to Eastbourne with my yummy mummy friend Michelanne to join the cheam croppers at their annual crop.

The rest of the girls had arrived on Thursday and Friday but MA only had little Jummy 4 months ago and I had work on Friday and my little Matthew to think of so we decided we would just go for one night.

The weekend is organised by the lovely Gaye. One of the most creative people I know. Not only does she organise games and competitions for us, she also decides on the theme of the weekend and usually makes herself a costume. This year the theme was the Fities and she made herself and one of her friends such beautiful dresses.

All the girls ( we vary in ages but they are 'the girls' to me) have such a fabulous time. There is scrapbooking, chatting, shopping, drinking. eating, and lots and lots of laughter. This year it was the bingo that got my sides splitting - not sure I can repeat some of the bingo calls live on the internet - but Emma and MA were quite a double act.

I do take my scrapbooking seriously whilst Im there and get a bit of stick about the number of layouts I do! This year I completed 16 layouts and have nearly finished another double. I shall have to try and get some of them on here.

Gaye - in her stunning hand made dress.

Pink ladies Fiona and Sandra.

Debbie, MA and Gaye.

Emma  and cocktail hour!
So to all you wonderful girls who go to Eastbourne - Gaye, MA, Ali, Fiona, Debbie, Sandra, Wendy M, Wendy V, Emma, June and Lyn - thank you for such a great time, for making me smile and for being my friends. Only 363 days to go until next year!!!!


  1. I had the most wonderful time too and am so pleased everyone who was there seemed to have fun! I have a list of those cheeky bingo calls which I will share slightly less publicly!

    Planning for next year is underway...

  2. Like :)

    It was fab wasn't it?